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I`m new in using docman. On my website different restricted users can download different pdf files (pricelists). The problem: If you know the link actually everyone could download these pdf files. I think docman can solve this problem.

Now priclists are in folders in the media manager and I created nearly 30 different articles with different pricelists (and links to the pdf files) for different usergroups. I have to upload regulary new PDF-files and it is very easy because I just upload an replace a new priclist in the folder and every link in pricelist-article is updated to the new PDF file.

How can I manage this in docman? I don`t want to update every link in every document.



Posted 8 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

No problem Klaus, I have changed your subscription to a FILEman subscription as requested. To setup FILEman, all you need to do is create a menu item of the type FILEman > Table and set the menu item access to 'registered' or if you have a special group for the users who you want to give access to these files.

Your result will look like :

Does that help you ?

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Klaus Boomgaarden

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