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I have a Joomla website where I am using Docman. Works great! I have my documents divided into folders and users permissions to upload documents have been set.

I need to allow users to upload files via emails. I will create a php script that will allow users to email to a designated address, then check for attachment and upload the file into the assigned docman folder.

My problem is that when I upload a file directly to /joomlatools-files/docman-files/folderA the document stays under file it is in the server, but never gets published as a document under the Hierarchical Gallery. Is there a way to syncronize this? if there are documents under file to automatically add them to "documents" so they show in the gallery?



Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Stephany, great to hear DOCman is working great for you. About your question, uploading the file into the folder is not enough, the next step is to create a document for the file using the DOCman PHP API.

We are most happy to help you with this. We offer developer support as part of our Business and Agency subscriptions. This gives you access to our designated developer forums where our developers are most happy to provide you with code snippets.

If you would like to upgrade your account, just let us know.

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Stephany Jones

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