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Removing or updating all thumbnail images

All of my document thumbnails are broken (all my docs are PDF and XML docs). I have the Create thumbnails turned off in the options, but the individual item download pages are all still showing the broken thumbnail image icons. I have hundreds of documents so changing them one at a time is not an option for me. How can I either Getting started with DOCman- get the thumbnails to refresh, #2- set all of the thumbnails to use the same default image, or #3- if need be disable the thumbnails so they do not show up on the download pages any more?

An example of my problem can be seen at:


Posted 5 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Chad,

Your images directory seems completely empty. Have you deleted the files?

Option 1 requries putting the files back,

Option 2 requires a custom SQL query to be run in phpmyadmin, I advise to only do this if you are completely comfortable with SQL. It can lead to data loss very easily.

Option 3 is the easiest, if you open your DOCman menu item you will find a parameter called "Show document image" in the Document Options tab. Disable that and the images will disappear from frontend.

Does this help?

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Chad Criswell

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