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Global options preferences configuration options

To my query on how to change the default options for Docman men u items, your support supplied the following information:

To answer your question, yes, the defaults can be changed. However, and when upgrading DOCman to a newer version, these files will get overridden and you'll be back with our defaults. So editing these files isn't ideal.

If you are still interested in persuing this idea, the files you are looking for are located under the tmpl directory of each view. For example, for the default hierarchical list, the file you need to change is located in components/com_docman/views/list/tmpl/default.xml.

and I replied:

Thank you - changing the xml files does the job but I agree with you that this is not desirable - Docman should have a configuration section where these sorts of global option preferences can be set (as per the Joomla norm). Earlier versions had configuration settings, but Docman 2 does not.



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Richard Ball

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