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Support for Falang or any method for translate DocMan categories

Hi to all, i'm try to use latest Falang 1.4.7 (compatible with J3.4.0) for translate DocMan categories and category descriptions.
I have the old Falang plugin for Docman that obviusly is not working (is from 2012!!).

But i know is not hard to recreate with right mysql queries.

Now i receive this error:

Unknown column '' in 'field list' SQL=SELECT COUNT(distinct FROM ow6sb_docman_categories as c LEFT JOIN ow6sb_falang_content as jfc ON AND jfc.reference_table='docman_categories' AND jfc.language_id=2

Then i think i have found a partial solution for not have a blocking error.

With the below file i can add translations, falang not go in crash, but in Joomla frontend i cannot see the effect :-(

docman_categories.xml for Falang

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<falang type="contentelement">
  <name>DOCman : categories</name>
  <author>Simone Bussoni</author>
  <description>DOCman Categories Definition</description>
  	<table name="docman_categories">
  		<field type="referenceid" name="docman_category_id" translate="0">ID</field>
    	<field type="titletext" name="title" translate="1">Title</field>
    	<field type="text" name="slug" translate="1" posthandler="filterTitle">Slug</field>
  		<field type="htmltext" name="description" translate="1">Description</field>

Can you help me? We have a lot of categories, replicate all of these for 5 languages is a crazy thing... Thanks!

PS: I only need some direction to let this plugin work, i don't need some Docman modification :-)



Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Massimo

We have been working on the Falang integration and have come to the conclusion that it's not possible to support Falang for DOCman.

Falang works directly on the database. The DOCman database schema is very complex and DOCman requires a lot of pre- and post processing when data is enterered into or retrieved from the database.

We have therefor decided not to pursue supporting Falang, but are going to implement support for the core multi-lingual system with some additional features to make it easy to create a multi-lingual DOCman install.

A concrete date for this feature has not been set.

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