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visualization problem and more info


i have a problem trying to show directory content on frontend.

I have created a new menu item assigning Gallery Layout type, selected a folder which contain 2 files . Then when i visit the page on frontend it says "Empty directory". What am I doing wrong?

Then I want to let some users upload files, some others just to download files: which is the proper way to implement this with FILEman?

Thank you,



Posted 9 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Alessandro,

Does this folder contain image files or not? Gallery view only displays images.

For upload permissions, you first need to enable "Allow uploads" parameter in the FILEman menu item settings, then registered users will be able to upload files as well.

You can control who can view and download the files by using the menu item access level setting. There, you can assign multiple user groups to the gallery menu item.

Unfortunately, FILEman does not support more detailed access control than that for now. We have opted to keep it simpler for basic use cases.

DOCman on the other hand builds on top of this file manager and adds quite advanced permission controls as well as different views. Depending on your use case it might be the better option here.

Does this help?

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Alessandro Sabellico

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