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We recently purchsed Docman. It has some great functionality and hope that it can provide what our client will need.

We are having some difficulty in understanding the category permissions within Docman and how it works with Joomla ACL.

What we are doing is the following:

  • Our client has 30+ stores and wants to have a registered area to share files to their employees.
  • We would like each store to have access to their own category in order to share files. There would be 30+ administrators.
  • It would be preferred that they only need to have frontend access.
  • Using the categories, we named each Store 1, Store 2 and so forth. Then we assigned them Registered access and the owner as a separate user group (Store Manager 1, Store Mnager 2 and so forth...) with Publisher access. Also tried other levels to no avail.
  • We would like it such that each Store has access to their "category" or Store but does not see the other Store categories upon login.
  • Employees would only have access to there specific store.

We have gone through your forum and tried some of the solutions for permissions but still have the problem of the other stores appearing. I imagine that we are setting our ACL up incorrectly but ask you for some guidance. IT would seem that when I am creating a category in Docman and mapping it to a specific owner, that owner should onle be able to view that category.

Our second question is about frontend category creation. I read that this was a feature that was in the works. Is this something you intend to add?

Many thanks.


PS Love the "Emotional State" dropdown.

PSS Really like how you have responded to other members. We appreciate what appears to be sincere care about what you do.


Posted 5 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

HI Channing,

Thank you for your kind words. We really apreciate it.

For achieiving what you are after you will need to create and make use of access levels in Joomla. An access level is a grouping of various user groups and defines access to documents and categories..

For your case sceneraio please follow these steps:‚Äč

  1. Create a new user group called 'Store 1'. You can select Registered as parent.
  2. Assign all users that need access to Store 1 to to the 'Store 1' group created in step 2. Make sure to also include the store manager.
  3. Create a new access level called 'Store 1' and select the 'Store 1' user group.
  4. Go to the Store 1 DOCman category and select the 'Store 1' access level you have just created.
  5. Repeat the steps 1-7 for each store.

For the managers, ensure the manager is in the publisher group to give him edit and delete accesss from the frontend. Additionally you can consider creating a special Store Managers group, as a part of Publisher in Joomla if you want additional control over this.

With these setting only users that are in Store 1 group will be able to access that category in the frontend and the manager that is in this group will be able to manage it from the frontend.

Regarding your second question, yes.This feature is not planned yet. You can find the related feature request here : Ability to create categories from the frontend Feel free to add your comments and vote for the feature. Features with most votes get priorty for new releases.

Does this helps?.

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