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My document do not change inherit action permission

Hi! I have to day sped hours to understand access permissions in DOCman, but I realy don't under stand what happening.

I hava migrated lots of dokuments, files and categories to my new site. And at my new site only registered members can see and download files/documents.

I have changed the general settings so the public can't download but only registered users. And I thought then this settings would effect all categories and document when the permisssion is set to -iherit- (Calculated as Registred). But it doesn't. I still get this message in the forntend: You are not authorized to download the selected file.

So, does this tells me that I have to open all (580) documents and change the action permission fore verey single one?

But in one thred here you say:
1. If you make 'action permission' changes in the general settings of DOCman those changes will apply to all DOCman categories and documents, unless they are overridden in a specific category or document.

And this does not happend.

How shall I solve this problem?


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Ketil, you are probably making things more complex then they are. If you just want registered users to download see and download your files and documents all you need to do is set your root category access level to 'registered'.

The action permissions, and especially the 'download' permission is only intended for advanced scenario's, where you want users to see a document but not be able to download it. For example in case of an ecommerce site.

For more information about our permissions setting please take a look at our permission tutorial : 1998-introduction-into-permissions

If you still have futher questions or problems getting things to work let me know and most happy to assist you.

Does that help you ?

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Ketil Belsaas

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