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Public download and only registered guests users to upload

Trying to set up my user permissions but hitting a brick wall:

I want the general public to be able to download (even without logging in);

I want uploads to be controlled by a disclaimer that they have to agree to by clicking a check mark box that popsup before they can upload.

If that's not possible, then I'd want only registered guests to be able to upload files. (When they register they can agree to the disclaimer)

Once they can upload files and documents, I'd like them to be able to assign their file or document to one of my categories that I've set up.

Is any or all of this possible? If so, how? If not, are there any workable alternatives?



Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Tim,

1. DOCman is setup by default to allow public users to download documents without the need to login. To do so you the document and category your document is in needs to have the access set to 'public'. You also need to ensure that your menu item you link to DOCman has the access set to 'public'.

2. Uploads cannot be controlled by a disclaimer in DOCman. It's possible to allow public uploads but only by using the submit a document workflow. You could consider adding a disclaimer in a module that is visible on the same page as the 'submit a document' form. This could be sufficient ? If not custom development would be required.

3. There are two ways users can upload files

- Using 'submit a document' workflow. This is the most simple workflow. Users are presented with a basic form where they can upload a file and select a category. To allow users to select a category you need to enable the 'show children' setting in the menu item options.

Any user can upload files ysing this workflow. No other permission settings are required to be changed.

- Using the 'add a document' workflow. This is the more complex workflow to manage documents from the frontend. Users are presented with a 'add document' button if they have permission to create documents. The button appears above the category when they are browsing documents.

A users needs to have create permission for this to work. To give registered users create permissions go to the DOCman configuration and click on the 'action permissions'. Make sure to set the 'create' permission for the registered group to 'allowed'. This way registered users can add documents.

4. When users add documents by either workflow they can decide what category they document goes into.

For mor info please also read the following tutorials :

Does that help you ?

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Tim Mullins

System Information