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Add frontend file management


I would like to see this in fileman:

- Ability to rename files or folders.
- Ability to have all backend functionalities in frontend

I'm using JCE ditor as well, paid version. It has separate file manager with file renaming features in backend, but it doesnt work in frontend. Frontend uploading can be solved by editing article in frontend, and using editor buttons.

This works but it's not very user friendly.

I wanted to offer website admins an option for doing that witout need to do it via articles, with visually nice UI, but currently Fileman offers just visually nice UI with basic features, without option to rename files or folders, and in backend only



Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Update: FILEman 3 has been released which allow for full frontend management. The ability to rename files and folders is not possible yet. You can find more information in the release announcement: blog/2016/09/welcome-fileman-3/

Note: If you still require the ability to rename files and folders please open up a new ideas ticket. Thanks!

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