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Extranet site with docx, dotx and xlsx files


I'm working on an extranet site (intranet site that's accessible via www). One of the things that the customer wants, is to share files of the types docx, dotx and xlsx. I suppose sharing should not be a problem using Docman. But an additional request is that users should be able to one-click on the documents and have it opened in the corresponding desktop application, being Word or Excel. Is that possible?

As it is an extranet, all documents are accessible only for registered user groups. There are 3 user groups and access to a document may be permitted to one or more groups.

The extranet is on www so people can login from the office or from home without any other networking layers required. In some respects this is an advantage but it also means that we have no control over the client browser nor over their office applications.

Kind regards, Frits


Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Frits, yes that is possible. It depends however on the browser being used and if the user has the Word and or Excel installed.

If for example the user is using Internet Explorer and he has Word installed and downloads a Word file the user will be asked fi he want's to open this file in Word or safe it. If he opts to open the file will open for him.

Google Chrome

This behaviour doesn't work if the user is using Google Chrome. Google Chrome will also download the file if he cannot display it himself. This is a security mechanism in Chrome.

For Google Chrome users you could inform them to install the Google Chrome Office Viewer plugin which can open up Word and Excel documents directly in the brower.

Final note, for the files to open up in Word or Excel you need to ensure you have the 'force download all files' setting in the 'advanced options' of your menu item set to 'no'. This is the default. If you set it to yes files will always be downloaded and saved.

Does that help you ?


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