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Can't delete files

Hi :-)

i was trying to delete few files from the file view in docman 2.0 and j2.5

When i select the files and than hit the "delete" button... nothing happen....

so i have to go trough filezilla to be able to delete files from a folder in the server...

can you help me in fixing this?


Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Jacopo, are the files still linked to a document ? If so DOCman will refuse to delete them. Check the document counter behind the file, it should be 0 to be able to delete the file ? I

f the counter is 0 and you cannot delete the file this could indicate a file permission problem. Did you upload the files using DOCman or did you add them using FTP ? If you added them using FTP you might not be able to delete them, in that case you will need to use FTP to delete them again.

Does that help ?

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