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I've installed LOGman on my site and connected it to AEC user groups. It's currently tracking user logins however if a user closes the browser, LOGman does not register it as a logout time. Is there a way to fix this in the settings?

Another important feature that I cannot seem to find is the ability to see a sum total of hours a user has spent logged in. This is important to me for reporting purposes.

Please let me know if this is possible in LOGman, or if it isn't where can I access the data in a table. If I cannot calculate the total time a registered user has spent on the website I'm afraid I'll have to return LOGman.


Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Sam, LOGman can only know if a user has logged out when the user explicitly clicks the logout button. It cannot track if a user closes his window or browser. There is no setting to fix this easily.

Calculating the total sum of hours to user spend logged in can be done in various ways :

1. Using the CSV export. You can export the user data using CSV and calculate the total amount of hours the user has been logged in from there.

2. Using the PHP API. You can use the LOGman PHP API to get data out of LOGman and do the calculations through PHP.

Developer documentation for LOGman can be found here : extensions/logman.html

The data export API isn't completely document yet but we offer developer support as part of our Business and Agency subscriptions. They give you access to our developers forums in case you have questions on how to extend LOGman.

Does that help you ?


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Sam Mallak

System Information