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Receive #401 Invalid Cockie Token when uploading a document in frontend

Some of my users have eperienced Access to the old forums Invalid Cockie Token when uploading a document in frontend. They are unable to upload documents!

I click "Create a new document" in front end. I Enter the document name and category, click Add document and choose a document. The document occur in the "Upload files to Root folder " window. I then click on "Start upload".

Document seems tp be uploaded 100%, but there is not a green Icon, instead tit is a yellow one who says Invalid Cockie Token.

I Close the window and the document have not been uloaded.

What is the reason for this behavior?


Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Andreas, the cookie token is a security mechanism in Joomla. Cookie tokens are only valid for a specific time length. It could be that the upload process is taking longer then the validity of the token. Are you trying to upload a large file ? How long does the process take ?

What you can try to increase the session length in Joomla. You can change this in the Joomla global configuration > session settings > session liftime, change it to for example 30, instead of 15 and see if that resolves the issue.

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Andreas Windh

System Information