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Create a directory for only certain users to access?

I have a Committee of people where some members of the group are NOT registered users. Does anyone have any idea how I can create a documents folder/directory where I can only give certain people (all of the people on this Committee) access to the documents (for viewing only purposes) and not give this access to the general public?

I also don't want them to be "registered users" since that will give them access to all of the members info/documents...

It seems like this might be an ACL issue connected to DocMan. Anyone able to walk me through the steps of how to create this? FYI, I use Community Builder for my user management.

Thanks for your help, Tim


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Tim, to restrict what users can do in Joomla you need to give them an account and set up permissions for these users. You cannot restrict access for public users.

What you are trying to do is not that hard though. In a normal setup you would have various subgroups below 'registered' and for each sub group created related 'access levels' using the Joomla user manager.

You can then decide which users groups have access where by setting the access level either on the menu item, DOCman category or document, depending on your exact needs.

In your scenario, you could create two groups below registered 'commitee' and 'members', for each you would create an access level. You can then limit access based on the access level.

Does that help ?

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Tim Snellings

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