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User cannot download - Permission says Not Allowed (locked)


I have got a very hard time setting permissions. Managed to do it properly for some documents but it is impossible to recreate it for others.

I got two users in joomla:- customer 1 and customer 2. Customer 1 and Customer 2 are added to GROUP1. I have created an Access Level1 into which GROUP1 is added.

Next I have created a Category1 to which I have assigned Access Level1 . I have created other subcategories with the same Access level and added documents with inherited pemision.

When user logs in, he can see the documents but cannot download anything (the download button is gone). When I look in administator site, it says Not Allowed (Locked) after i click on advcance.

Please can you advise me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you.



Posted 8 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Karolina, you have probably disabled the advanced 'download' permission for the public user group. If you do that this permission will be inherited by the other user groups and as a result your users will not be able to download.

If you deny a permission for a higher user group, you cannot allow it in the child groups, hence the 'Not Allowed' you are seeing.

To solve this make sure the 'download' permission for the public user group is set to allowed. For your scenario you do not need to change any of the advanced permissions. You can work with the access levels. If a user doesn't have access to a document he can also not download it.

For more information about permissions, please also read the following tutorial : 1998-introduction-into-permissions

Does that help you ?

Karoli aPytlarczyk

System Information