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DOCman 1.5.8 database for DOCman groups understanding

I need to report all DOCman metadata & file linkages in DOCman 1.5.8 to all respective group chairpersons before we can migrate to DOCman 2.0. It is a huge document & file organization cleanup!

I see in PHPMyAdmin, the jos_docman table, which lists all the DOCman files and other information about the file. I also see the jos_docman_groups table which has the groups & their members by their member_id.

However, when I look at the jos_docman.dmowner & jos_docman.dmmaintainedby values, I find no corresponding value in the jos_docmam_groups table!

From experimentation, I believe there may be another table somewhere which provides an indirect link between jos_docman.dmowner & jos_docman.dmmaintainedby columns in the jos_docman table.

Example: I see a document is dmowned by "-22" & dmmaintainedby "-23". But in the jos_docman_groups table, there is not a group_id with these values.

When I use the DOCman administrator groups interface to change the members which comprise a group, I see the member_ids of the group in the jos_docman_groups, groups_members row change as I would expect.

Where is the association between the jos_docman.dmowner & jos_docman.dmmaintainedby values made to the jos_groups table maintained?

I need to report the document veiwers & maintainers information to the committee chairpersons so we can move forward with replacing our Joomla! 1.5.28 system! Then we can implement Joomla! 3.3.x with DOCman 2.0!

The dmsubmittedby & dmlastupdatedby is reported by the member_id.

Thank you in advance!

Uh-OH! The problems are worse. I find from editing a document from the site interface when 'Edit" is selected, the Document File is reported in grey color & cannot be edited! I placed myself in to the document viewers & maintainers groups & still cannot edit the metadata of which file is associated to the document metadata! From the administrator interface, I can make the changes, but we don't want everyone to have administrator privileges.

Another issue! The last updated information reported in the site interface does not change when I alter the metadata description. The description information is getting written, but the individual who makes the change & the date of the last update is not being written. I see in the jos_docman.lastupdatedon & the jos_docman.lastupdatedby information is getting written, but the user interface is not reading it!

Any clue of what to do?


Posted 6 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Roger, If the value is negative, you need to substract 10 to find the corresponding DOCman group ID. So -22 means group ID is 12. Does this help?

About the other two problems you mentioned, these are not issues that happen with DOCman 2.0 stable. So upgrading should solve them. You can check it on

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Roger Laurel

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