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we are using DOCman 2.0.0 RC3 and are just going to update to the current release. The Joomla! version is 2.5.27.

My question is: Is it possible to search for DOCman documents using the Joomla! frontend? The search should be based only on the document description, any Joomla! articles besides DOCman should not be included in the search results even if they match the search criteria.

How could such a behaviour be achieved? In the frontend we are using the "Hierachical Document Table" menu item type for displaying documents and adding new ones.

Many thanks for quite a short "HowTo"!

Markus (on behalf of Roland)


Posted 6 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Markus,

Starting from DOCman 2.0 stable we support two different types of search offered by Joomla.

Basic Search

This is the simpler search solution Joomla offers. When you go to the search form it asks you what you wish to search for. If the user checks Documents here they will only get document results. This solution works best for small sites.

Smart search

This is an indexed search solution that works best when there are a lot of documents on the site. Note that it requires quite a bit of server power as well.

Using this solution you can go to Smart search -> Search Filters in backend and create a filter that only searches documents and nothing else. Then you can create a module or menu item to this filter.

Please note that for smart search you need to go into Plugin Manager and enable "Smart search - DOCman" plugin first.

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Roland Klein

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