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[integration] J-BusinessDirectory support


Does logman support/ record logs for the joomla extension j business directory ?



Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Jarvin, I suspect you are referring to the following extension :

If so no, we do not support this extension yet. There are two ways that an integration for an extension can be build.

By the developer of the extension

With the release of LOGman 2.0 we now offer a complete developer API that allows developers to build plugins for LOGman. The developer API documentation can be found here :

Developers of third party extensions can create their own LOGman plugins and distribute them with their own extensions. We are most happy to help developers if they have questions how to create the plugin.

I suggest you ask the developers of J-BusinessDirectory if they want to create an integration with LOGman.

By our team

If the developer cannot, or doesn't want to create a plugins we are also happy to investigate if we can do this. We only do this for popular extensions, or if enough of our customers are asking us to support it.

In this case, please make sure to vote on this feature request, if more customers request it we will have a look into it.

Does that help you ?

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Jarvin Leon

System Information