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How to refresh or clean the FILEman cache manually


I've got an update/refresh problem with the File window within the Article editor. When I look in Components - FileMan, I can see all the files I have uploaded, but when I try to select the file from the File button in an Article, I get an old version of the folder which doesn't show my recently updated files.

Caching is turned off in the System Configuration and refreshing the page or using another browser doesn't cure the problem.

Any pointers as to how to fix this would be most appreciated, as otherwise it's great.



Posted 9 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Ian, FILEman uses it's own cache which is always on to speed up performance. If you are uploading files using FTP the cache isn't being refreshed. In this case you need to refresh it or clean it manually.

  • Refresh : To manually refresh the cache go to administrator > components > FILEman and click on refresh.
  • Clean : To manually clean the cache go to the cache manager. Select 'administrator' in the filter and remove the com_fileman.files cache.

Does that help you ?

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Ian Dicken

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