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List files / categories inside articles

Hello there,

just to get it right and to be sure I haven't overseen anything:

There is no possibility to integrate

  • a list of files,
  • a list of categories
  • or a single file

inside an article. The only way to accomplish "something like this" is to create a hidden menu and add a link inside the article using the editor-xtd plugin.

In other words: "There is no content plugin for DocMan 2.0".

Am I correct?




Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Chris, this is perfectly possible no additional plugins required. How to do it :

1. Create a DOCman Document or Categories module depending on the data you would like to show, setup the module accordingly.

2. Use {loadmodule} in your articled to render.

Example for a list of documents {loadmodule mod_docman_documents, [title of the module]} Where [title of the module] is the title of the module you created.

More information :


Additionally, if you are a developer you might be interested to know that the underlying framework that we build for DOCman 2 comes with a new module API, that makes it possible to render any modules anywhere making use of template overrides. The API also allows you to render lists of categories and documents anywhere.

We are working on documentation, if you have any specific usecases you would like to have information about I can make sure we work on those first.

Does that help you ?

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Christian Macher

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