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File permissions and notify

two questions
1. in the old days I would set owner of document to someone and only they could download file... is this now done via special access?

2. I am no long getting emails to tell em users have downloaded files. (notify plugin not working)

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Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Dominic, about your questions :

1. In DOCman 2 you can also still set the owner of the document to an individual users. This will make sure that this user can access the document regardless of any other permissions.

DOCman 2.0 stable also comes with a special User List/Table menu type. This menu type only shows the documents owned by the logged in user.

If you do want to use the Hierachcial List/Table menu type you need to ensure you limit the access of the category the document is in.

You do not need to change the access level of the document to special, you can for example just create a category, and set the access level of the category to special. Leave the access level of the document to inherit.

This is less work, then changing all the all the access levels of all the documents, and it makes it easy to change the level later.

For more info about the different permission settings please check following tutorial : 1998-introduction-into-permissions

2. Notify plugin doesn't work in 2.0. We are working on a new Notify plugin. This is in the works.

You can find the feature request here : 855-improve-docman-notifications Feel free to add your vote, leave a comment and or subscribe to the idea to receive updates.

3. Great!

4. About linking, you can use our editor plugin to create links to documents. You will find a 'document' button below your editor, click it, find your document and insert the link.

If a user after clicking the link is informed he isn't authorized this means the document is not accessible to him because the document/category or menu item permissions don't allow him to access it.

To overcome this make sure the document is accessible to the user who needs to download it, if that is a public user the document should allow for public access.

Does that help ?

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Dominic McGlinn

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