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Googledrive - Hide original URL for remote link


We want to remote link document located on google drive. However when users are downloading the documents we don't want to show them the original google drive URL but a URL within the site.

Currently when we try to downoad a document link remotely on google drive it is automatically redirected us to the google drive URL which we want to hide from users.

I have tried this on DOCman demo site and it doesn't redirect me to the original google drive URL. We want to have the same behaviour for our site and wonder how we can do that.

Any idea how we can address that please?




Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Franck,

I have done some further research for you. What you require is possible but you need to do a bit of work yourself.

You need to create a direct link for the document stored on Google Drive. A direct link is a link which when clicked will save the document and not redirect to the document view on Google Drive.

I found following tutorial which explains how to create a direct link for a file hosted in Google Drive :

I also found the following online tool which can automatically create the direct links for you :

I have tested this and it works without problems. You do not need to set your menu item up to 'force download all files'. The generated link does this for you. You can just paste this link in the remote url in the document form.

Does that help you ?

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Franck Tanoh

System Information