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Can DOCMan manage different files owned by different users?


I have read several posts and the official docs, but couldn't find definite answers to this 'will it work' question.

In this new website, I'd like to:

1- Allow registered users to upload files from the front-end and automatically create a Document for each file with ownership set only to the user that uploaded the file. So, only the user that uploaded the file can access it.

2- Allow managers to upload files from the front-end and set the ownership to specific registered users. These Files and Documents will then be visible to that registered user only.

3- Of course managers will be able to see and manage files and documents owned by all registered users.

4- Somehow create a notification system (email) that sends a message to the manager or denominated admin and to the registered user every time a new file/document is added to the website.

Thanks very much


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Andre, most happy to answer your questions :

1. If a user creates a document through the frontend the document will be automatically assigned to that user as owner. This is true for both the submit a document workflow and the add a document workflow.

To ensure users can only see and access their owned documents on the frontend please follow the following tutorial : 3327-how-to-setup-an-individual-user-documents-area

2. For a user to be able to change the owner of a document from the frontend the user needs to have manage permissions. Those can be set by making sure the user group the user is part of 'Access Administrator Interface' set to 'Allowed'. By default this is Administrator and Super Administrators.

You can either change this for Joomla as a whole, or you can change the permission through the DOCman global configuration for DOCman only.

3. To ensure 'manager' can access documents you need to make sure permissions are setup correctly.

- From the administrator you need to ensure you give manager 'Access Administrator Interface' permissions as explained above. Once they have access they can manage all files and documents.

- From the site you need to ensure that the managers are part of the user group defined for the document access level. In the tutorial above the 'special' access level is used. This access level does include the 'managers' group and gives them access on the frontend.

4. At present DOCman can only send emails when using the 'submit a document' workflow. You can configure a list of email addresses through the menu item settings. Additionally we are working on a more advanced email notifications plugin to be released end of the month.

Does that help you ?

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