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Display number of files in category view

Hi there,

It would great if we could have an option to display the number of files within a category in the category list view as follow:

Category title 1 (12 documents)
Category title 2 (8 documents)
Category title 3 (22 documents)

Thanks in advance.



Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Julien, thanks for the suggestion. The good news is that we are adding a document counter to the categories listing in the administrator.

Displaying the amount of documents on the frontend is very hard to do. We need to take the permissions of each document into account to see if the user can access it and if it should be included into the count. This means going over each document which is a very slow operation. Until we can resolve the performance concerns we are not going to add this to the frontend.

Does that help you ?

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