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"Find by title or description" filter with the frontend module

DOCman provides a very nice “Find by title or description …” filter in the backend administrator. However, this functionality does not exist in the frontend module distributed with the DOCman 2.0.0RC3 component.

The project I am working on required the ability to display a list of documents that spanned multiple categories so I decided to fork the module and add in this keyword filtering option.

This fork of the module (affectionately named 'DOCman Documents PLUS') has the keyword filter option added in and can be triggered through a new parameter in the module named “Filter”. Behind the scenes it uses the built in ‘search’ method of the DOCman ‘documents’ model.

Pls feel free to download and use in your project here:


Posted 8 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Dustin, Excellent work and thanks for the suggestion. We have discussed this with our team and we feel that your requirement is quite specific. We are therefor not going to add a 'search' input box to the documents module.

We are however going to make extending our modules easier to prevent you from needing to fork the whole extension. We have already done additional work for this for the stable release and will make it even easier to do so, so you do not need to copy past the module as you have done now.

We will also create additional documentation to show developers like yourself, how they can extend modules or easily create their own.

A few friendly points of feedback :

1. If you copy paste a complete module and just make one or two code changes to it, you cannot copyright the result as your own, you need at least to have changed 70% of the code to be able to do that. If not, the GPL license requires that the code headers and copyright notices stay intact. If you made substancial changes you could add your own copyright notice to the file docblock.

2. If you create your own modules or extensions, please do not try to use the name DOCman. Our extension names are not part of the public domain and are trademarks. Use a different name that does not include the name of your extensions. You are free to refer to your extension as [My Module] for DOCman. This is considered fair use.

I will keep you updated about our progress on the modules improvements and documentation.

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Dustin Czysz

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