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Front-end upload issues...

Having just updated to version 2 from version 1.6 on Joomla 2.5.22 today, I've been testing file uploads in the front-end and have a few questions.

1) By file path, when clicking Select, it seems to randomly go to either Insert or Upload. If a front end user is creating a document, it seems like it should just accept a document from your computer and then let you upload. If you do click on the Upload tab, and upload the file, there is then no way to add the file name back to the form without then going to the insert tab, and finding the file you uploaded. While 1.x versions had a few steps to an upload, this is very challenging.

2) In version 2, once user upload issues are taken care of, is there any thought being given to allowing registered users (or users in a particular group) to upload a document and have it published immediately?

3) Using the new Submit Document menu item type, is there any way to make more than one category available for selection? There are 4 categories (some with sub-categories) that my users are accoustomed to uploading files to, and it seems like I'd have to create 4 separate Submit Document items for that.

I've created a new, generic category for the submit document workflow, which will do for now since the main front end upload seems to be having troubles on my site.

Hopefully someone might have some advice on clearing these issues up.




Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated! To answer your questions :

1. That is correct, the workflow is a bit messy at the moment. We have received similar feedback from other customers. For the upcoming release we have completely reworked the file upload and update workflow.

If you upload a file it will be automatically selected. The insert tab will not be available anymore, only users who have core.manage permissions will still be able to insert already uploaded documents.

This reduces the number of clicks needed to create a document and upload a file to the absolute minimum and makes the whole workflow simpler and more fluent.

2. Yes, in the upmcoming version the frontend form has been changed to include the publish setting, allowing users who upload documents to decide if they want to publish it right away. A access level setting is also being included to give the most flexibility possible for frontend document management workflows.

3. Yes, in the upcoming version you will be able to decide through the menu settings if users can select a subcategory or not. This way you will only need to create one submit a document menu item and your users can decide where to submit into.

At the moment the DOCman 2 stable release is 70% tested. We do not have an release date for the DOCman 2 stable release. You can follow our progress on the upcoming DOCman 2 stable release here : 2571-docman-2-stable-progress-update

Does that help you ?

Marc Cerisier

System Information