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Remove ID number from URL

I have noticed that if I add a category or a new download that it adds and number in the URL. This is the same for the DOC MAN demo as well.

Is there anyway to remove the numbers from the URLs so they are more SEO friendly? I have looked within the files but can't seem to find anything.

Thank you


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Daniel, DOCman 2 only adds a number before the document alias in the url, it does not do this for categories.

The reason for this is that we need a way to determine if in /foo/bar bar is a document or a category. Without adding additional information to the URL it's not possible to make distinction. Technically it would be possible to do this, but would require adding a lookup table, which would introduce additional queries and performance overhead.

Please note that the numbers do not have any effect on SEO at all. That's a myth, that is being re-inforced by the many SEF extensions in Joomla. Removing the 'id' will not impact your SEO at all. The only thing removing the id does is make the URL slightly more humanly readable.

Additionally, trying to remove the 'id' by introducing a lookup system like SEF extensions do will in most cases hurt your SEO instead of improve it. Some SEF extensions make your page load 2x slower depending on the amount of links that need to processed and this his does have an impact on SEO.

We therefor do not recommend the use of SEF extensions and work very hard to keep DOCman fast, by not introducing unnecessary overhead.

I hope that helps,

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