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Hierarchical Document Table: Breadcrumbs


when creating a menu item of type "Hierarchical Document Table" the default Joomla breadcrumbs module will display the actual path in the category hierarchy.

However, the top entry displayed derives its name from menu item title and not from the DOCman category itself.

Is there any means to display the correct top level category name (just below "Root") instead of the menu item title?

Best regards

Markus (on behalf of Roland)


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Markus, great to hear that.

About your question no that is not possible out of the box. The Joomla breadcrumbs module will always show the menu item name first and then the rest of the pathway. If you wish to change this you need to use a different breadcrumbs module or create a template override for it to not render the menu item name.

Does that help ?

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Roland Klein

System Information