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Multi file upload

Dear Team,

I am very new to this site and component , have question :

1 . How can I set up multiple file upload option in one category ?
2. Can I create category based on user login (category for user ) runtime , and all files go under that category ?

Piclaunch Team


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Rajwant, first of all welcome. To anwer your questions :

1. DOCman does not allow you to limit multi file upload per category, DOCman allows you to upload multiple files from the backend in the frontend upload workflows are limited to a one file per upload scenario. What problem are you trying to solve ?

2. No, DOCman doesn't allow you to do that, but you can solve this problem by assinging the document to the user by setting the document owner to the user. This allows you to share documents individually with users.

For more info in how permissions work please also read the following tutorial : 1998-introduction-into-permissions and also read the 2th tutorial on how to set an individual users area : 2189-how-to-setup-permissions-for-different-scenarios#2

Does that help ?

Rajwant Mishra

System Information