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Preview of PDFs using Iframe

So I have a list of PDFs that need to be displayed, along with a feedback form that should appear under the PDF preview. I do *not* want to use the Google-docs PDF previewer, because lately it's been giving faulty bandwidth exceeded errors.

Before Docman, I was using an


<iframe src = ""width="700" height="800"></iframe>


statement to do previews.

These PDFs need to be secure and not accessible to the general public (hence, docman.)

Ideally, I'd love to be able to limit the PDFs to being previewed only and not downloaded, but I realize that may be beyond the scope of what's possible with this extention.

Thanks in advance!


Posted 6 years ago by Travel 1

I resolved this issue. Iframe actually works as it normally would, but my front-end download is super-duper-slow, so I couldn't tell that it was working.

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