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DOClink behavior on private documents associated to public menu.

I am sending Newsletters to site members using ACYmail.

 On the site some documents are public and others are private, with different access level. The people that create the Newletters from frontend does not necessarily know if the document is private or public.

Public documents can be accessed by either public DOCman menus limited public categories or by DOClinked documents in public articles.

Private documents are in private categories with usually same access level.
There are a number of private menus to access a category or several categories.

So far so good it is working.

 It tested several configurations with the Newsletter.

1) Public document doclinked from the public hidden DOCman menu

This is clearly working, the file is downloaded as requested by the Docman menu settings.

2) Public document doclinked from one of the private DOCman menu


This is not working as I would expect, but this may be normal. The user is requested to login although the document is public. In other words, the privacy of the menu used is taken into account regardless of the public statuts of the document. Once logged in, the document is displayed/downloaded.

3) Private document doclinked from the public hidden DOCman menu

Procédure de gestion des Adhésions à l'Amicale et des Invités

This case is not working at all. It results in error 404, unknown category.

4) Private document doclinked from one of the private DOCman menu

Procédure de gestion des Adhésions à l'Amicale et des Invités

This case is working more or less working. The user is requested to login. When logged-in user has the access level requested by the document , the document is displayed/download.
When the logged-in user does not have the access level requested by the document, It results in error 404, unknown category.
It might not be the document access level, but document category or the private menu, I do not know what prevails in Doclink. If the error 404 says unknown category, it may be the category.

It is rather complicated for the newsletter creators to know which menu they shall use.
I see only one solution. Give the access level in the menu title and put only documents with inherited access in a each category. Therefore I loose the possibility to group all similar documents in the same category and assign another access level to some documents of that category depending of the operation needs (e.g. the pdf document can be seen by registered users and it word source by managers)

I am sorry to raise again a question regarding DOClink as you are quite busy with testing the new version.

Is that behavior as expected ?

Is this behavior modified in the soon coming stable DOCman version?

Kind Regards


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Lionel,

We are most happy to help you. All the behaviour you are tested is expected and correct.

1. If the document and menu item are public the document is always accessible by anyone.

2. If the menu item is not accessible then the documents that are linked to will also not be accessible. This is not DOCman that does this but Joomla, Joomla will check if the menu item is accessible and if not redirect the user to the login page.

3. If you are linking to a private document from a public menu item you will get a 404 error. This flow is being approved upon in the next release and you will be directed to the login form instead and it will acted in the same way as 2 and 4.

4. This is the same flow as 2, because the menu item is private you are redirect to the login page by Joomla.

DOCman allows for a wide variety of workflows, we do not enforce a flow. In your case setting specific access levels on documents makes things more complex for your users.

You might want to rethink how you categorize your documents, you could indeed add the access level to the document title, or you could create categories that clearly show what documents are public and what are private.

Does that help ?

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Lionel Charrier

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