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Changing File Path for dmdocuments

We are planing in moving the dmdocuments folder from the root of the webstie to the /images folder. So, the path would become [ROOT]/public_html/images/dmdocuments.

I am planing to perform this modification in two steps:

1 - Move the folder dmdocuments from the root of the website to /images using CPanel File manager
2 - Setup the path for the files on Docman configuration

I just want to ensure that this procedure is correct and that nothing is missed from it. Perhaps, predict some issues that we might encounter from this process.


Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Dale, that is 100% correct. If you first copy the files and then change the setting your site operations will continue as normal. Once you have completed this you could remove dmdocuments. We do recommend making a backup of your site just in case.

Does that help you ?

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Dale DeHart

System Information