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Problems with international file and folder names on Windows

I read from the extension description that international file/folder names should be supported. However, when I try to use folders containing scandinavian letters (ä and ö) fileman will only list empty folders and/or files. Any ideas why? Using version 1.0 that was released 2 months ago.


Posted 9 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Kimmo, sorry for the late reply.

FILEman does completely support international file and folder names. sorry for the late reply, but can not go beyond the support offered by the OS. Different OS'es handle this in different ways. For more info :

The problem with PHP/Windows is that Windows doesn't UTF-8 file and folder names in combination with the PHP move_uploaded_file function. Please see following bug report :

At present there is no solution for this issue. It's considered a limitation of Windows and the PHP API.

We are looking in ways to resolve this, but haven't found any yet. Sorry I cannot help you with this.


Kimmo Rouvinen

System Information