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Upgrade DOCMAN 1.6.7 to 2.0

I am not moving the site. I just want to update DOCMAN 1.6.7 to 2.0. I have no files or documents to migrate. I have two categories and one licence. (easy to create manually after)

After reading the info I think I don't need to use the Export component and the Import Component... Am I right?

I just need to uninstalled DOCMAN 1.6.7 and installed DOCMAN 2.0. and adjust the configuration.

If I proceed this way, are the previous viewers' and maintainers' permission for a document will be the same?

Thank you DOCMAN people!


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Pascal, the license plugin has just been released. You can find the plugin and installation instructions here: downloads/extras/docman2/10-addons

We are looking forward to your feedback to further improve the plugin. Thanks!

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Pascal Desrosiers

System Information