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Logman plugin for a custom component


We have a custom component for managing courses. You can see it here :

I made a plugin to show the events per this component for logman, looking at the code for Docman.

But when I install this new plugin, I can see. its pushing the log records in the logman table with correct activity. But its not showing up in the sidebar, where all other plugins show up.

Please help me displaying it on side bar.

Also, if you have some demo plugin for Logman, please send over, I will use it to refine this custom plugin.



Posted 8 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi David, nice work! If the component doesn't show up in the sidebar something is probably wrong. Very hard to say what without being able to see or test your code. If you can share your code through Github I'm most happy to have our developers take a look.

We do not have a demo plugin for LOGman yet. The next release of LOGman will come with a complete refactored plugin system. We are also working on adding documentation for developers who wish to create their own plugins.

If you are still using LOGman 1.0 RC1, maybe try to upgrade to RC5 first and see if that already fixes your issue.

Does that help you ?

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David Manniche

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