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Google Doc Viewer Problem

Hello Team,

We have been facing issue with Google Doc viewer component. Our need is to display documents (Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT) online for end-user reference.

Unfortunately, this feature is not working within our environment, and the Google Doc Viewer component simply display the HTML codes instead of display associated document file (DOC,Docx, ppt/pptx, xls/xlsx).

My website is logged in based access but when our docman document url open for viewing it will open our login form in Google docs.

How to resolve above this issue? kindly specify the possible solution with code examples.

Awaiting for your prompt reply, as our deliverable is pending for release.



Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Note : This issue has been fixed in DOCman 2.1. You can now also use the Google Previewer for none public documents.


Hi Rahul, we do provide support during normal office hours, not during weekends.

About your question, the Google Docs Viewer only works if your document is publicly accessible. It's not possible to use the viewer for documents that require login first.

The page you see is actual the login page of your site. This page is being downloaded as DOCman is redirecting to it.

Does that help ?

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