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We are wondering if PDF thumbnail generation is going to make an appearance in a n upcoming DOCman version?

I notice that you used to have a module called 'autothumb' which generated the thumbanils on the fly including PDF's, I see that image thumbnail generation is now part of the latest DOCman, but was wondering if you were going to bring back the PDF thumbnailing?



Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

DOCman v3 file indexing and automatic thumbnail generation for PDF and Word documents is ready.

These features are provided as part of our new Joomlatools Connect webservices. Only Business and agency subscribers can make use of these services. If you have another subscription and would like to upgrade your account to have access to these features let us know.

Here is how you can test this:

1. Download and install the Joomlatools Connect plugin:

2. Install DOCman 3.0 stable package:

Note: If you are upgrading from older versions please read our upgrade tutorials first.

Now try creating a few documents such as PDFs or Word files. The indexer should do its job in the background and the files should be indexed and thumbnails should be generated in a few minutes.

If all goes well, the document search in frontend will now search through document contents as well and you will see the thumbnails in both backend and frontend.

Two limitations:

  • Please note that this can only work on a public website so localhost installations won't support indexing. This is because the indexing service needs to reach your site over the internet to deliver results.
  • Right now indexing works reliably on English documents. Support for all alphabets are coming in a later phase.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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