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Show description in documents module


I would like to change the docman documents module, I would like it to show the document description too. In the former version I was able to change this, but now I'm a little lost. I tried to add 'description' to $model in html.php, but then I get in the frontend: Call to undefined method :description.

Could you please give me a hint, what I need to do to add the description in the frontend of the documents module.

Best regards,

Milja Ligtermoet


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Milja,

That is because the model returns a rowset object containing the documents. To get the description in for a document you can create a template override for the module and then use :




Full, gives you the complete description, summary only the description before the readmore, if a readmore was added. In your module template. More info on template overrides you can find here : 1138-20-getting-started-with-template-overrides

Does that help ?

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Milja Ligtermoet

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