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DOCman 2 Stable - Progress update

Hi all,

The team has worked incredibly hard in the past months. DOCman 2 stable is nearing it's completion, packing a bunch of new features and fixes but there is a lot more happening behind the scenes.

This release will be the biggest release we have ever done. We are bringing all our extensions including our Joomlatools Framework 2.0 that drives them to a 2.0 stable version.

Our framework has gotten a complete overhaul in the past 6 months, support for Joomla 1.5 is being dropped and new features to support all our extensions have been added. We already blogged about two of them :

Both features are build right into the framework, and there is a lot more. The framework is build specifically to allow developers to 'extend our extensions'.

We already started creating developer documentation to help guide developers want to learn how to build plugins, template overrides, etc for our extensions.

As always we appreciate your patience, we rather release a stable and well tested extension then to try and rush out a buggy one.



Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello all,

DOCman 2.0 stable is now really done! Since the release past October we have worked hard to iron out any remaining issues.

To date we only have +/- 10 confirmed issues left. All of which are smaller issues we hope to fix most if not all before the years end.

Additional Plugins

Last week our team released 3 plugins for DOCman 2 : Email Notifications, License Agreement and Download Limiting. With these 3 plugins almost all DOCman 1.x features are now available again for DOCman 2.0.

We are working on a few additional plugins to be released in the weeks to come.

Developer support

As we already mentioned DOCman 2 is build on Nooku Framework, a solid and modern Joomla extension framework we build in the past 5 years. Without Nooku DOCman 2 wouldn't have been possible.

Nooku is not only a great Joomla extensions framework. It's specifically build to allow developers to '
extend extensions' easily without needing to resort to making core changes to the extension.

Developers can learn more on how to extend our Joomlatools extensions in our dedicated developer zone. Specially for DOCman we have documentation available on how to build your own DOCman plugins.

More developer documentation is being added on a regulary basis. Check back often, or keep a close eye on our twitter or facebook acocunts for updates.

DOCman 2.1

Development of DOCman 2.1 has been started this week. You can follow our idea forum to get an overview of what is being worked on. Don't forget to vote for you favourites feature ideas, or add new ideas you would like to see included. Ideas with most votes get priority.

A big thanks

In name of the whole team I wanted to take the oppurtunity to thank you - our customers - for your trust and continued support. As we wrote on our blog good code and great design, takes time. We believe DOCman 2 is great proof of that!

Happy coding!


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