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Ability to insert images with DOClink, similar to FILELink.

Hello guys,

I'm using DocMan for a couple of months now and I love it.

We would like to also save the pictures of our employess on DocMan and to display them on the "who's who". I noticed that the Editor Extension plugin DocLink does this for Documents by adding an anchor-Tag with the necessary parameters for DocMan to get the file.

I was trying to replicate this Editor plugin to something like ImgLink that would add an img-Tag to the editor. But I ran into the problem that DocLink only adds an anchor-Tag... Can you help me with an extension or a work around?

Thank you in advance, your truly,

Roberto Huezo


Posted 9 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Roberto, this is not possible yet with DOCman. We are happy to consider adding this feature though. I have moved your request to the ideas forum, feel free to vote on it.

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Roberto Huezo

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