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User group notifications

I would like to see a option for notifications to entire user groups when new documents are added.

This would ideally be frontend/backend and both from the menu item upload document and the + Add new document (doesn't have any yet).



Posted 8 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi, the email notifications has just been released. You can find the plugin and installation instructions here: downloads/extras/docman2/10-addons

The plugin will notify document and category owners about changes in the areas they manage on your site.

Document owners will get an email notification whenever their documents are edited, deleted or when a new document is added where they are set as the owner.

Likewise category owners will get notification emails whenever a document is added to, deleted from or edited on the categories they own.

The plugin is not capable of sending emails to an entire user group. We considering this out of scope for the moment. We would like to get feedback on the proposed implementation first before adding additional features

We are looking forward to your feedback to further improve the plugin. Thanks!

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Dave Bishop

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