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Help uninstalling docman

I ran into a lot of issues after updating my Joomla installation from 2.5.14 to 2.5.17. Docman is one of them. Nothing is working.

I tried re-installing the previous version (1.6). Failed. I tried to uninstall it from the extension manager. Failed. I then tried to uninstall it manually using my FTP Client. Failed. I then bought the newest version of Docman (2.0). EXTman loaded successfully. Docman seems to only have partially loaded. Nothing works though. I get unhelpful 404 messages. Docman does not show in the EXTman listing.

I suspect I need help completely removing Docman (but not existing Docman documents) from my site and then reinstalling Docman. Any chance you can help?



Since posting the above, I redownloaded Docman 2.0 and was able to install it successfully - according to the Joomla installer. But Docman does not appear under the Components menu, so I cannot access it.


I may have it installed correctly now. I uninstalled and reinstalled it about 3-4 times and now I can access Docman from the Components menu. I will let you know if I experience any more problems, but for now, consider the issue resolved.


Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Thomas, great to hear you have been able to resolve your issue. To uninstall DOCman always use EXTman, go to administrator > components > EXTman, click DOCman and hit uninstall.

Never try to manually delete a component, components in Joomla 2.5+ are quiet complex, trying to remove them manually will almost always result in issues.

If you still have problems with DOCman and with errors please let us know, we are always most happy to help.

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