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What is the Itemid for in links


I am trying to figure out what the various elements refer to in a docman link. I need it because i need to do some find and replace in the mysql database/

Here's an example:

<a class="doclink" href="/component/docman/?view=document&alias=300-ucla-programs-2005-2013-072213&category_slug=orchestra">

The alias it appears is based on the document id plus the document name.

So in the above example, the document id is 300 and the document name is ucla-ucla-programs-2005-2013-072213 so that is merged and builds the alias thus: 300-ucla-programs-2005-2013-072213

The category name is "orchestra". So that becomes category_slug=orchestra

I assume I got the above correct.

What is puzzling me is what is the itemid. In this case "879" I am digging through the database and am not sure where the 879 comes from.-- and what table I can find it in the mysql database. I have a feeling that item 879 is identity of docman in my particular installation -- and therefor in my case 879 would be in ALL my docman links on this particular joomla site. Am I correct?




Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Rowby, happy to help you. You are correct about the alias and the category_slug. The Itemid is the id of a menu item, as from which the document can be reached. This id is not stored in the DOCman database, it's stored in the jos_menu table.

It's important that this id is the id of a menu item that is linked to DOCman and the document being linked to is part of one or more categories that are accessible through this menu item. Otherwise it will not work.

DOCman requires a correct Itemid for the links to work. For more info on why that is also see point 7 of the following tutorial : 2076-how-to-insert-a-link-to-a-document-in-an-article#7

Does that help ?

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Rowby Goren

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