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we are using Docman 1.6.7 on Joomla 2.5.4 with AccordeonCK Menu component. When creating a Menu item for DocMan, the menu item is given the link


which works perfectly fine showing the whole DocMan File Structure. When navigating in it, the menu does not collapse.

However, now we do not want to display the whole file structure of Docman but rather only one category. Is there a way to link into a component of DocMan without having the menu collapse?

Thanks in advance!


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Thomas, yes that possible. In DOCman 1.6.x you can create a menu item and then on the right in the menu item settings you will find a 'category' setting. Here you can fill in the actual id of the category. You find the id in the category manager.

If you fill in an id DOCman will use this category as the root to start from, if the category only contains documents it will only show those, if the category contains subcategories you will also be able to browse to those.

Does that help you ?

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Thomas Vogt

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