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How to setup up the files folder outside the public_html

Hi guys,

I downloaded and installed DocMan on our site, which is completely password protected through Joomla (not with server .htaccess). Files can still be seen/downloaded when the user has the direct path to file. We don't want that and that is why we bought DocMan. Furthermore I would like to save the files I manage with DocMan "outside" of the public_html (the root of our website), but when I try to set the path using /usr/.../joomlatools-files the options resets the path to usr/.../joomlatools-files (inside public_html). I thought I read that was one of the features of DocMan. Can you help me on that? Thank you in advance.

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Posted 6 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff


We have just released DOCman 2 stable version which includes this feature. You can now link to any folder as root folder.

Upgrading is simple but a full backup is strongly advised. Please take a minute first to read our upgrade instructions.

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