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Missing download counter and how to make a document direct download


In the previous version 1.6 you used to have Docman downloads to show you the most downloaded files including the number. Do you have this in version 2.0 RC3?

It looks for me that you removed so many good features of the previous version and version 2 is completely useless!

I ordered and upgraded to version 2.0RC3 and now I am not able to show neither the most downloaded files, of number of downloads. There is not really much that version 2 could be used.

Now can I show the most downloadable files or number of times downloaded per documents? As well how I can make it start immediately download if I list the recent download files instead going to the particular document and then click download button?

Also in the database is missing Downloads section from the docman_download table.

I am quite disappointed from this new version. I am using Docman for the last 5 years and was really a great component for version 1.5 and 1.5, but version 2 is very problematic and without the most important features.

Thank you in advance!



Posted 5 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

We have just released the 2.0 stable version and it also includes this feature.
Upgrading is simple but a backup is still advised. You can find our upgrade guide here.

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