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URL Links inside of Docman

Sometimes I find customers wanting links with their documents (ie resources) and I haven't found a document manager that allows this yet. Since the DOCLINK currently only has text links and no other attributes (file size, icon, etc) it is difficult to create an article page where I could insert these manually with documents.

Basically it would be nice to have a part of DOCman that allowed you to enter external url links almost as documents. They could have a "link" icon and instead of a download button it would have a "link" button. Is there a way to already do this that I am just overlooking?


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Dustin, DOCman can do this already. If you create a document you can choose the file type, this can 'local file' (default) or 'remote link'. If you choose remote link you can enter any URL, DOCman supports different formats, for example file://, http://, ftp://, sftp;//; etc.

If you for example use as the URL and insert this document into an article, when a user clicks that link he will be redirected you to our site.

Currently DOCLink doesn't support icons yet. This is planned for a next version.

Does that already help you ?

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Dustin Sever

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