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Delete Document does not delete the document file


I deleted a document from the document listing module and it was removed from the list, however when I go to "Add New Document" the file from the previously removed document is still listed. I thought deleting the document would delete everything about the document?

This is problematic especially since we cannot overwrite files in Docman. Our users will need to be able to download documents and upload the revised version without having to rename the document every time.

Our file lists will also become excessively large if deleting documents from the front end does not actually delete the file.

Is there a way to delete the files from the front end?

I'd appreciate any and all help in this matter.


Sharon Van Muysen


Posted 7 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Sharon,

Deleting from the frontend is not possible right now but we have added both these features to the next release of DOCman.

With the next release, deleting a document will delete its file if it is not used anywhere on your site and you will also be able to overwrite documents with no need to rename.

I will let you know when it is released.



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Sharon Van Muysen

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