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Direct Link to a document in article

To the question on "How to make an document link in an article?" I found the answer in

Response is a menu that give an access to document from the editor button is compulsory. Not very nice, but once you know, it's not too bad.

I noticed however that it is not working if the menu is not public and the document is public. This means you need a public menu somewhere !

It is working if the menu is public but published under a registered user menu.

The result is showing a page to download with details (File name, author....) and another button to clic on and not a direct download.

If you want to have a direct link to the document, you have to set it in the parameters of the menu : Advances Parameters.

There are a lot of options, for categories and documents, including the possibility to use google doc for preview of word or power point doc.


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Lionel, the menu item is compulsory in DOCman 2, there is no way around this. This has to do with how the Joomla core works. DOCman 1.x didn't have this requirements but that resulted in a whole lot of other issues when you have multiple menu items linked to DOCman.

How to solve your problem :

1. The trick to solving your problem is to create a new menu (call it hidden) and add your menu items here. Do not publish this menu on your site using a menu module. This ensure the links will work; but the menu will not be available through your site.

2. In the hidden menu create a menu item 'documents' or choose you own name and make the menu item public.

3. In the menu item options, document tab, change 'document title links to' : 'direct download'.

If you now create links to documents that are part of your 'documents' menu item, these documents will be directly downloaded when the user clicks on the links. Provided that the user has access to the document.

Does that help ?

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Lionel Charrier

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